Client Brief

Design, manufacture and install a system that will clean, paint, and fill 9kg and 4kg LPG gas cylinders.  The system needed to be simple in design for maintenance and due to the nature of the job it had to perform it needed to be robust and hard wearing for the amount of use and cylinders it has to fill.

All elements from the scissor lifts for unloading to the pushing and stop mechanisms were designed, manufactured, and installed by ADFI.


The Challenge

Engineer a solution to meet the brief within the parameters given. We approached the brief and created a solution one step at a time – wash, clean, paint, fill and return – in a way that was as ergonomic, economic and environmentally effective as possible.


The Result

We developed a system that exceeded expectations of what SupaGas wanted. They continue to use this product to this day. The single unit we built can do 20,000 gas cylinders per month, previously the client had a system that did 5000 per month – it’s safe to say we know how to engineer the correct solution.


Client Testimonial

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