Client Brief

Design, manufacture and install and acoustic control room that can sit above a wood chipping mill to provide the operators with a superior area to control the wood chipping mill in an environment that was far superior from their current situation.

The result was 5m x 3m control room that was erected on stilts 6m above the ground and attached to the side of the building.  The control room reduced the external noise by 38dbA, and we had a target of 35dbA.  The control room had a full glass viewing wall, kitchenette, surround sound stereo, climate control and dimmable lighting.  There was a server rack and five viewing screens for the cameras around the machinery.  This was all controlled from the state-of-the-art control chair.


The Challenge

Reducing an enormous amount of noise by 30 decibels. Building the office in one piece and transporting it to Geelong and having to consider many factors including the weather to get the chamber craned and installed 6m in the air.


The Result

Success – including noise reduction, comfort, convenience, and work efficiencies. We presented them with the concept plan, and 5 months later delivered them an office that reduced noise levels by 35 decibels. This not only provided employees with a comfortable working environment with air conditioning and access to hot and cold water, but also allowed them to work in shifts of between 4-6 hours rather than 1-2.


Client Testimonial

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